It Takes A Village...People!

This is where change for the good happens in our own backyard!


How can one person make a difference? It starts in our own backyards. Marian Middle School does exactly that. One girl at a time. The 2019 Marian Middle School Brewfest was Alive with lots of great people and a LOT of fun! If you're like me, you want to help and do good things in your community, but how do you know where your time and/or donations are going exactly? That's what I love about Marian Middle School.

I got to meet with the people of this great school, who you'll meet in this video, and to actually SEE and HEAR the change that is made from charitable donations and volunteers is heartwarming and empowering all at the same time. It DOES take a village. I hear people complain constantly about wanting this or that to "happen" and expect it to come from somewhere outside. Change happens within each person and then within their community. That's how we make positive outcomes happen. Thank you to Marian Middle School and everyone who supports them and organizations like them. Empowering Girls = Empower Women = Empowering Communities = Empowering the World! :) Thanks to all the Brew Companies, Volunteers, and of course Marian Middle School. :)


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