Homeless Woman With Voice of Angels Gets Second Chance

..." 4 million stories. 4 million voices...sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful." - LAPD HQ On Twitter

She went from homeless to famous in less than a week, thanks to a police officer who happened to not only notice the beautiful voice of an angel, but tweeted her singing.

I saw the story on one of my favorite sites "Good News Network" and thought I HAD to share the story! The woman whose name is Emily Zamourka had years of bad luck. She is a trained musician, and spent many years playing her violin and singing on the streets of L.A., and then her violin was stolen.

What could she do? She resulted to simply singing for her supper. Literally. Not always did she eat, as many ignored her or treated her poorly. Until one officer took it upon himself to tweet her singing on the streets of L.A. The tweet went viral, and the rest is history. Or. HERstory as the case goes.

Sometimes good things happen when one least expects it.


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