Fuzzy Tacos?! Oh, That's Just the Beginning...

Billy doesn't want Fuzzy tacos! Judi's favorite place to eat fish taco's is "Fuzzys" and she's not alone. BUT Billy asked where are the best taco places in and around Edwardsville, IL. Also on today, we got lots of comments on our Facebook with posts we asked from you on your local "Things To Do" for the weekend! Speaking of the weekend, Judi and Billy will be at the Sun Run tomorrow bright and early Upper Muny Parking lot/Forest Park Listen why:

Fuzzy Tacos?

Also the answer to the Google Buster question which was: "For Americans, pizza is the number-one choice when it comes to this. What is it?" Try to figure it out before you listen to see if you get it right.

You can also hear if Judi or Billy got their State win today and if you could any of the six questions on: "Border Battle"! If you missed ANY of the Billy & Judi Shows, plus added extras that don't make the show, catch up on our Podcasts below:

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