Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck Reunited at the Hollywood Bowl Over the Weekend

During an interview a few months ago, Rod Stewart cryptically invited Jeff Beck to get together to make some music. At the time we didn't know if that meant make a new album together or perform live together. As it turns out, it was play live together. Not to say that they won't make another album together, but the encore over of the weekend at Rod Stewart's concert at the Hollywood Bowl was pretty darn cool.

Jeff Beck joined Rod Stewart and his band for the encore and did some old Jeff Beck Group songs among other things.

The Jeff Beck Group's main lineup was Jeff Beck, Ron Wood, and Rod Stewart. Their debut concert in the United States was in June of 1968 and legend has it that Rod Stewart had a bad case of stage fright and hid behind the speakers for a number or two before loosening up and becoming the confident performer we know and love.

Getting back to this past weekend at the Hollywood Bowl, Rod and Jeff Beck performed "People Get Ready," and here it is.

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