Did He Master His Fear of Heights on The St. Louis Wheel?

Billy is afraid of heights. Truly petrified. Judi was mystified? Was he kidding? Turns out, he was not! BUT, Billy faced his fear live on-air this morning as The Billy & Judi Morning Show took to Union Station for the Public Grand Opening of The St. Louis Wheel

Lots of excitement surrounded them as the darkness slowly crept into a beautiful day for a Wheel Ride! A new beautiful gem to grace the downtown skyline of St. Louis! The Montage video below gives just a sampling of all there is to offer and what is to come at Union Station!

Judi was so proud of Billy, we all have fears and phobias. She's terrified of closed in spaces, and so she's been up in the Arch in those tiny Pods to face that fear! Do NOT fear The Wheel! It is a beautiful smooth ride. Oh! What a view too!

Our amazing friends at Purina was there with "Luna" and they'll be bringing more doggies to do tricks tonight, plus there's always Budweiser (this IS St. Louis!). Check out the Mini Golf, The Soda Fountain and so much more!

Check out The Wheel as soon as you can at Union Station, and we can't wait to hear who will be the first couple to get engaged on The Wheel or at The Carousel at Union Station! Make sure you listen to Billy & Judi and 103.3 KLOU for all the openings and celebrations for the 125th Anniversary of Union Station!

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