Diary of a Would-Be Professional Bartender - and the story continues...

Why the picture I put in this blog? Well, that would be what happens when a person (that would be me) is studying and doing "lab" work and makes a mess all over her textbooks! Page by page I had to dry out my very important textbook, otherwise all those recipes and rules and sizes and cocktails and all the other recipes I've been working so hard studying, would be lost!

I'll bring ya up to speed. So, I decided to enroll myself in what I thought would be a fairly breezy course in the American Professional Bartending/Mixology Training Courses. The reason being more than just the needed extra income, but I thought it might be a fun way to meet new people. Although I have lived in St. Louis for more than 13 years, it's been over 2 years since I lived here. Plus, my idea of the possibly of opening myself up to a world of dating via our Billy & Judi Show was nixed pretty quickly by the higher ups (for now), I also thought who knows! Maybe during on of my bartending gigs I may just run into the next Mr. Right. Or Mr. Right Now, as the case could be!

So, how have I been doing? Well, after failing the first time, I finally eeked by my midterm exam with only missing a few, but I will have to know those few for the speed test. First, however, I am to take one more written final exam. THEN I will need to take the Speed Test Final in order to get certified. This is a big deal, btw. A APB Certified Mixologist/Bartender has the ability to possibly work in some fancy places (If I can just convince any would be Bar/hotel that I am, at times, fancy. Or I can fake it good anyway!

Who KNEW there were so many shooter recipes and with some pretty risque names, mind you! Or that a "Highball" doesn't mean it's a taller glass! Or that there's a huge difference in the garnish used between a Rob Roy and a Perfect Rob Roy. That one little lemon can make a difference in pass or fail!

So what will this "speed test" entail? Wrap your mind around this: I will have to make 20 drinks in 8 minutes! TWENTY! Those 20 drinks will be called out to me randomly and I have to say out loud every thing I am doing while making each drink! OY VAY!

But I haven't given up yet, nor will I. I have to admit, it is so much fun, I'm learning a LOT, and from now on I will NEVER under tip the bartender. They work hard for their money and some day I will be one of them!

My Professional Bartending Textbooks getting "dried out"

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