This Is The Good Stuff!

What an amazing turnout for St. Louis' very first Meal Pack for 9/11 Day! More than 900 volunteers joined together at Chaifetz Arena on the campus of St. Louis University and packed over 250,000 meals for people in need in partnership with 9/11 Day, United Way of St. Louis and the St. Louis Area Foodbank. #911Day #UnitedWayofStLouis #stlfoodbank #DayOfRemembrance #AlwaysRemember #PayItForward 911 Day of Remembrance was started soon after the horrific events of 9/11 to "take back the day" by doing as many acts of kindness and good in our world. This is one way lots of people paid tribute this year in St. Louis, to all of those wonderful volunteers, THANK YOU!


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