Judi Fails Test, Billy has Apple Unrest, + Your worst House Guest!

Judi continues her certification course to become a professional bartending/mixologist and she's finding it's way harder than she thought. She has flunked her first test :(. But, being Miss Positivity she's back to the books and the booze to try and get it right and re-take it. Billy is on pins and needles as he awaits the presentation that Apple will give with their new products to come out, and then he may just be out the door and in line to buy them all! Plus since Billy's having an end of summer soiree' at his new home, we had a message asking us to use the question for today's Random Topic Tuesday: "What is the worse thing a house guest has done in your home?". Wait til' you hear HIS story! Google Buster Q/A and more all on this episode!

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