Diary of a Would Be Bartender - Taking a Shot at Shooters and Shots

Another day, another attempt at being a certified Mixologist and it just gets more difficult! Just when I think I've mastered a simple Martini, our instructor throws shots, shooters, Pousse Cafe's (huh?!) and floaters on us! The names alone are both funny and risque and equally difficult to remember.

But today we got to try a floater with real alcohol and I think I did okay! Check out the video and see the layers I made.

Diary Of A Would Be Bartender

One down, about 150 more to go! lol. Just an FYI, in class we use the real bottles but they are filled with colored water not alcohol, so this was a special treat for us to have one shot (just one, that was all we were allowed!). It is school, we need to keep our heads straight! Tomorrow is beer and wine, which is might fine.

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