Diary Of A Would-Be Bartender, Day II: Shaken, not Stirred...Yet!

"Shaken, not stirred", the line famously made by James Bond, of course referring to his love of Vodka Martinis. This is not to say he didn't love a true Martini, but it has been (so far) only in the Ian Fleming novels that Bond drinks a Gin Martini, in the movies it's his Shaken not stirred vodka martini. Ok, so I digress. Yesterday on my first day as a student at the St Louis Bartending Institute, and after a quick introduction and orientation, got started on learning the basic Martinis and Manhattans and even got to get behind the bar to try out my new skills. No, it's nothing like the movies. That is to say, I learned pretty quickly that mixing drinks is so much more than just knowing the ingredients. However by the end of class I was feeling pretty good about my Basic Martini skills. Then, today happened...

Today we were learning about Creme drinks, Margaitas and Sours. By the time I got behind the bar my head was spinning and I couldn't remember anything from yesterday, not even the simple Martini! Did I mention I had to take a test first thing? It was an open book test, but nonetheless it was a bit daunting and I was feeling more than a bit "shaken". But by the end of class and spending more time behind the bar, I am not giving up. Being a Bartender, a Professional Mixologist is no easy feat. But I find the entire process not just interesting but fun!

I did learn while reading the responsibility part of my text book, that I already have knowledge that will come in very handy. There a chapter about how to check a persons I.D. and one of the tips it had was to know astrology so you can ask the person in question what their astrological sign is. That is something I know ;).

Long day but fulfilling and I'm looking forward to learning more tomorrow. Thanks for following my progress and for your love and support! I think I know now, WHY I hate cooking, and baking...but I'm loving bartending! No, it's not because I like happy hours so much. Well, I'll tell you tomorrow. I have to go to bed now! ;)

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