Diary of a Would-Be Bartender Day: Sept 3 "Day One"

I asked and YOU helped me decide! It was a few weeks back when I said that I needed another job and wondered if anyone had any ideas. Overwhelmingly I had a LOT of listeners and Socials feedback that I'd be a great bartender for my 2nd job. I googled it and who KNEW there was a Professional Bartender Institute mere minutes from my place! It is affordable, so I signed up, and today I start.

So how was my first day? HARD! I had NO IDEA being a trained professional Bartender would be so incredibly challenging! My head is swimming and I feel like tomorrow I'm going to show up and forget everything I learned. The names for the sizes and types of glasses ALONE has me boggled!

My other classmates were very encouraging, so I shall continue and forge ahead! Besides. I already paid for it in full!

I've got homework to do, so I'll catch up with you tomorrow on-air with Billy first thing in the morning! Thank you SO MUCH for YOUR support and encouragement as I take on another 2nd career/job. I know I am not the only person who has to do more to make ends meet, so if you are going through anything similar, or you need a little of encouragement too, I am there for ya! :) - judi

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