Judi Invites Psychic Reader to Show & Billy is a Believer Now? Hear Why!

*Contact Adam Beaubois at: Facebook Link Here, or Mystic Valley.Adam is also available viaphone & email*

If you've listened to any of Judi's "Justifiably Judi" Podcast, you know she is definitely into Mindfulness and Spirituality. So it's really no surprise she'd bring the very real Psychic Tarot Reader Adam Beaubois from Mystic Valley to the Billy & Judi In The Morning Show as well! What MAY be surprising is to see the very skeptical Billy become (at least a little bit) a Believer?! Listen to how that went down:

Billy and Judi in the Morning

More about Adam, now that you've heard him! Adam is a Claircognizant, Empath, Intuitive, Tarot Teacher. Judi will be taking classes from him at Mystic Valley and she'll fill you in on her progress on her "Justifiably Judi" Podcast as Adam will be making appearances on her podcast (Subscribe so you'll know when new episodes are released!): "Justifiably Judi" Podcast iHeart Media.

Adam Beaubois Bio: "I don't think of Tarot Readings I do as "fortune telling" although that is one of the things traditionally associated with the use of the Tarot. Fortune telling appears to work by taking account of all of the influences that are acting on a person at any given time & extrapolating the most likely course of events over the next few months. I am aware that it can never be 100% successful simply because there are so many random factors in day to day life so that although we may be heading in a particular direction today, there's no reason to think something might not make us deviate from that path tomorrow. The very act of a Tarot Reading gives you more insight & perspective than you had prior which must surely influence the decision you make from then on. I fervently know it does work, and that, for my purposes, is what really matters. I gain personal joy from helping others. The best way to find out is to have a Tarot Reading performed for you or a friend."

Professional Tarot Reader since 2007.

If you'd like a reading or more info, contact Adam Beaubois at Facebook Link Here, or Mystic Valley, and Adam is also available via phone and email. :)

"I highly recommend Adam as he has a kind, humble and gentle manner and his reading was spot on! I look forward to learning more and taking Tarot classes from him as well!" - Judi Diamond

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