Amazon Prime Day FOMO, Coffee pros for women & Google Buster Podcast

Google Buster missed? We will re-post on our daily podcast show, and you can listen to anything you missed!

Today, it was all about Judi having FOMO thanks to Amazon Prime Day, Billy is crazy with his upcoming move and more! Just hit Play:

Are you Amazon Prime Shopping at this very moment? So is Judi! She has a major FOMO on the big sale! All the reports she's been reading about the "Black Friday In July" Amazon Prime sales is that the sales are even BIGGER than black Friday!

But if you are like her, and have a FOMO on getting the goods on the cheap, all the big and small stores that are right here in our neighborhood are jumping on the Amazon Prime two day sale with their own sales, so the competition just means better deals for US! Lets' give it up for helping the economy, right?

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