"Hey Jude" to "Hey Dude" courtesy one current Pop Star?

"Yesterday - the Movie" - A Comedy directed by Danny Boyle. In Marcus Theatres on June 28th. I saw an advanced screening and LOVED IT!

Imagine you, a struggling musician, suddenly after a global blackout, is the only one who remembers the Fab Four? What would you do? This movie is a fun Rom Com/Thought Experiment that seems a simple plot but has fun twists and turns.

"Yesterday" follows newbie Himesh Patel as Jack Malik, the only man in the world who remembers the beatles songs and starts publically playing their music. None other than Ed Sheeran shows up at a gig, and gets his connections on and just like "that" Jack is on his way to the top! And Ed Sheeran wanting to change the title of his "Hey Jude" to a more modern "Hey Dude" title?

check out the trailer:

I give it a big 5 Stars! (I am just a couch critic but I loved it!) . A sweet summer movie among the biggies coming to Marcus Theatres, and speaking of, the couple I was seated by were so nice! I couldn't figure out the lounger in the theater yet again, and it's so easy, but they helped me out and soooo comfy, the lady said to me "this is the only way I'll see a movie!" I agree! Marcus Theatres are the only theaters to see any movie!

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