KLOU Listeners Show Their Blues Pride Video & Parade

You might be in this video - St. Louis Blues listeners share pride and the downtown parade:

We asked and boy did we get! It started with just a simple Facebook post asking to upload images of reactions right after hearing the St. Louis Blues won the Championship. Well, lots and lots of people put up their images! I decided to begin the montage video with them, and then end it with the St. Louis blues Championship Parade! This was unlike any other sporting event I've ever seen in my life! But it is more than just a victory for the Blues. It is a victory for a city that needed an empowering boost of positivity! The story itself, from worst to first, the story of the little girl who, the Blues players say spurred them on to win, the story of the city and its' diverse community coming together in unity for one thing. THAT's what sports can do. That's what the St. Louis blues have done. Congratulations to them, and thank you, Blues, for reminding us all that when someones says "your down", never ever believe you are out! Thank you for the inspiration and the joy!

Laura Branigan - Gloria

Queen - We Are The Champions

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