A Minute Of Mindfulness: Help For Lower Back Issues

Lower back got you down? Try this quick just over a minute "Minute of Mindfulness" technique from MPH Nurse & Yogi Practitioner Barb Berson and see if it helps!

Welcome to "A Minute of Mindfulness", a series of Justifiably Judi Podcasts that I'm excited to share and learn with you. Simple bite size minutes that I hope will empower and inspire you. From yogi experts like Barb Berson, and many more, we'll figure out together what all this "Mindfulness" is about, one minute at a time. You can binge several minutes, or just one episode at a time, it's totally & mindfully up to you! I believe the true secret to happiness is a Gift: It is "Being Present". Sounds easy, right? Not really, so I am finding ways to make it simple for you and me, because lets face it, we need more empathy and love in the world! But ya gotta love yourself first. Namaste! - Judi

Music: "We Are All" - Leo Diamant

Justifiably Judi

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