Simon Pagenaud Stopped By iHeartMedia St. Louis

Simon Pagenaud, driver for Team Penske, stopped by the studio to talk racing and promote the Bommarito 500 at World Wide Technology Raceway.

What milk do you drink?
How do you pee?
How safe is the sport?
How realistic is CARS?

See more of our friend Simon Pagenaud at the World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway during the Bommarito 500 August 23 & 24. Get your tickets at


3-5 hobbies/ interests: Cars from 80 to 2000’s, Wine tasting, Skiing /surfing and skateboarding, Watches (personal sponsor Richard Mille) racing video games, Home improvement, UTV, Fitness, Meditation, Robotics, Humanoids and Artificial intelligence., drones / drone racing.

What are your favorite/ guilty pleasure TV / Netflix programs to watch or binge watch: Westworld, Manifest, BILLIONS, The man in the High Castle, Ray Donovan, Gotham

What tv programs would you like to be on: TV series (any of the above, NCIS, etc), Car show with Jay Leno, any good car show like Top Gear, Spartan Race, or Tough Mudder (if it is on TV), Late nights with Jimmy Fallon, Conan

All-time favorite (sports/ action/ comedy) movie: ROCKY, Days OF thunder, 7even, Star Wars, Grand Prix, le Mans, Senna

Favorite Music/artists you’d like to meet or attend a concert: Bob Marley, Gregory Isaac. Dirty Heads, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons

Song that MUST be on your playlist: Rocky them song, Red red wine, (anything Bob Marley), Believer – Imagine Dragon, Burn the house down

Non-sporting events you’d be interested in attending: Met Gala, Fashion Week NYC, Grammy Award show, Tony Awards, Music Awards show, Robotics convention, Humanoids convention, Artificial intelligence convention, Car Auction,

Celebrity/sports figures they would most like to meet: Actors, actress, artists, athletes, sports legend, filmmaker, race car driver, broadcaster

Favorite sports you enjoy doing: Biking, Skiing, Surfing, Gym Fitness.

Favorite sports to watch: Olympics winter and summer, skiing.

Favorite sports teams to root for: French Soccer Team, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts.

Favorite winter and summer Olympics sports: Downhill skiing, Country style skiing.

Driver training preferences: specific cross training? Cycling? Weight training? Rowing? Weights?

Favorite food: Pasta Sushi / Sashimi Ratatouille, Stuffed Tomatoes, NY Steak.

Guilty food/dessert pleasure: Crepes, In and out, Pate, Saucisson

Best meal you can cook by yourself: Ratatouille. Stuffed tomatoes, Steaks, Pasta etc.

Favorite cooking/food shows: Top Chef.

Favorite restaurant (name and city): Fogo de Chao - Indy, Tegri - Indianapolis, Delicia - Indy, Bluebeard - Indy, Spoke and Steele, le meridian, Fork (Davidson), Grazzi - St Petersburg, Long Beach: Sky Room, Wakano, San Francisco: Sushi

Bucket list items: Win the Indy 500, Drive Ayrton Senna Mclaren F1 88 and Alain Prost Williams Renault.93, Drive Penske 92 car Ayrton Senna drove. Drive Gil De Ferran Cart Penske car 2000. Drive a NASCAR on an oval. Go to Bora Bora, Japan, Indonesia. Go to Tibet and spend a few days meditating

Favorite places to visit: Restaurants, Las Vegas, Islands

Do you have any fears or pet peeves: 1 fear: Snakes, Please do not ever play jokes like that on me. Pet peeves: (a lot) People who lick the lid of their yogurt (why would you do that?), People walking around with their earphones and talking super loud while on a phone conversation and staring at you; Loud burp; Men loud spitting (what the hell); Razor in the shower (Yes, Hailey); on the highway: slow people in the fast lane accelerating so you can’t pass them and then resuming to slow speed when you are behind them; politics

Please list any pets you/ your family might have: Norman is a Jack Russell - half dog, half human; We have Sergio, he is a raccoon; we have Pete, Stew, Leo, Caroline - they are a family of squirrels; we have the red cardinals, they are a bunch of cardinals birds; Rusty the woodpecker; we used to have Mario and Luigi, muskrats - they have migrated somewhere else it seems; we have a really fat possum, his name is Mickellangelo.

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