Road Trip To Escape For Some Wine & Sanity

The Two Crazy "LipstickNLaundry: MFF Mom Friends Forever" friends Kate Frisina White and Judi Diamond are back and their going on a road trip! The Quest: Explore Hermannhoff Inn & Winery

Since it's just a bit over an hour from St. Louis, Missouri, they heard it was a great place to find some solace and sanity away from their crazy worlds! I decided to document it, like we used to when we were doing our vlog and t.v. show, hopefully it'll inspire you to take some time away with your best friend, or your significant other, or even by yourself! We ALL need to unwind, even if it's only for a weekend. We LOVED Hermannhoff Inn & Winery in Hermann, Missouri. Who KNEW Missouri wines could be so good? I was always told they weren't but Hermannhoff proved them wrong. I like dry wines, and they have some amazing award winning dry that i loved! They also have delicious Vodka, Bourbon and their own Beer Distillery that I'll show in upcoming videos. Thanks for watching and I hope you get away soon! - Justifiably Judi :) Oh, and below you can see Kate & Judi's LnL Sizzle Reel from the show! :)

Find your solace at Hermannhoff Inn & Winery and let me know how it goes!

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