The Facts Of Getting Licensed In Missouri

Billy said this morning that he noticed I still had Illinois plates on my little "Booger" car! He also found out that I still have my Illinois Drivers License and if I did, I was gonna have to pay! WHAT?! Well, I needed to check the facts so I googled it and what I found was, well, overwhelming to say the least!!! Let me just give you the Missouri Link to go to on how to register your car when you move from another state because Billy was RIGHT! It's 30 days you have to do this! HOW can ANYONE do all that they require when one is moving, starting a new job and have the TIME to do ALL THIS? HERE IS THE LINK FOR MO TITLING .

SO, then I thought "well, do you get your drivers license first?" So I googled THAT as well! Once again, so much information that I'm including that link as well: THE LINK FOR GETTING MO DRIVERS LICENSE

So, what if you're like me. I still am trying to sell my condo in Illinois, but I'm working in Missouri and renting a place here as well? So, I googled that too! AND I got NO ANSWERS! Am I exempt from the 30 day rule? Well, not according TO THIS FLOW CHART!

Finally, I googled the question: "Do you get your Driver's License first when you move to a new state and then your car registration? I found much better information from a Non-Government website AT THIS BLOG HERE

As far as fines for being late on registering differs State to State. I spent quite a bit of time searching for this information on the Missouri Gov site and was so confused it was ridiculous! AND what about if you still have property you're trying to sell in the other State, like me?

THIS Is the stuff that SHOULD be taught in schools!! I am not alone however, according to one post I skimmed, most adults have no idea they are breaking the law if they've not gotten their Drivers License and Car Registered by the allotted time! UGH!

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