This Is What A Professional Cuddle Session Looks Like

I first heard of professional "Cuddlers" when I was doing my LipstickN'Laundry Vlog over 8 years ago, and I thought back then how bizarre it would be to have a complete stranger cuddle me. And paying for the privilege! But after seeing this posted on Boredom Therapy's website and Facebook, it actually looked much tamer than I'd imagined. I know, you too, right? Then I thought about how truly amazing it feels to be either the giver or receiver (or best if both!) of a truly heartfelt hug.

Now, I'm not quite sure how that would be from a stranger that you've paid, because I am actually a hugging person, so I'd feel horrible charging someone. On the other hand, hugging a total stranger for an hour seems a bit daunting, but that's some decent $$ for just hugging!

Personally, my favorite hugs are from my kids. Now that they are big kids, the hugs are less frequent, yet they seem to mean more. I suppose that might be because they're so busy in school, I rarely see them but it's more for me, it's when THEY opt to give ME the hug first! THAT's when a hug, for me, has true meaning and I cherish every single one! A hug a day, may keep the Doctor away! :) - Judi

Volunteers hugging in huddle

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