Why Should You Get In Touch With Your Siblings Today?

Happy National Sibling Day, A Day that has been recognized for thousands of years in other parts of the world, and an established holiday in Northern India and several South Asian countries, but only became an official U.S. holiday in 2008. Give a call, text or message to your siblings and tell them how much you love them! Even if they DID lock you in a closet and "Slug Bugged" you every chance they got! Here's a picture of my three older siblings. We are extremely different and yet raised the same! So how did I, the youngest child, end up being labeled by my older siblings as the "Crazy, will do anything," sister? I shall try to impart my opinion and ask you, where are you in the pecking order of your siblings? Do you get along with them all?

My Siblings:  Kevin, me, Shana and Jon

My oldest brother, Jon, always the "Smart One" (He is a Lawyer). Next comes my 2nd oldest brother, Kevin, he was always called the "Mechanical Genius Problem Solver" and he does just that a Management position. Then they got their first daughter, my big sister Shana. Shana. My VERY First Best Friend and still is my solid rock. Shana is the "glue" that holds our family in check and together at times. She was considered the "Beautiful, kind and humble and generous to a fault one". And then I came along. By the time I came, this firey little redhead with a head full of Orphan Annie curls, my folks were a bit busy to really pay much thought to my rearing. Meaning they were the most liberal with me. I applaud that, although it may sound bad or something, but in reality, it made me become who I am. It's the reason I wanted to become an actress. To get into media. I wanted the attention and wanted to be heard! But my sister Shana, many times, was not just a big sister, but a little "mommy" to me and still is to this day. She's also the bravest woman I know, struggling with cancer and beating it again and again, and is currently undergoing chemo at this moment (so PLEASE say prayers!). So LOVE TO MY AMAZING SIBLINGS! I'm a much better person for having grown up in such a great environment with amazing family to be among. Why Me the "crazy"? I have never shied away from my impetuous nature and have taken risks and jump right into many situations. Most failures. But the successes outweigh them all. So I relish in my crazy "label" and continue to live by my mantra I say every day: "Make lots of mistakes today" and may you do the same! And Happy siblings Day to You and yours! Share your story in the comments! - Judi

Me & My Sister Shana, my first BFF!

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