She Had A Spiritual Sign!

You Can Take the girl out of the Hippy Dippy of So. Cal, but you can't take the Granola from the Girl! The Girl, being Judi!

So, that's me! I've lived in the Midwest now over 15 years, but I have come to realize that I've met more like minded true spiritual and mindfulness peeps in the midwest then I ever did in Southern California. It's not what you may think, although much of it IS true, there are a lot of plastic surgeons in L.A.! lol!

So, fast forward to this past weekend. I was practicing a quick 20 minute simple breathing meditation. Now, meditation is never "simple", and don't let any Yogi "Guru" tell you otherwise. It's extremely difficult to think of NOTHING and empty your "mind". Yea. RIGHT! But, every day I try, because I do know that when I've glimpsed just moments of that "place" you hear about? You know, that place where you are at total peace with your inner soul/self? It's a remarkable place. So, every day I try to carve 5 to 20 minutes out of my day to give it a go.

So, here I was trying my breathing and relaxation mantra when I actually started to zone out and out of the blue appears in my vision the most beautiful Peacock! I never think of Peacocks. I never really have, other than I think they are quite beautiful when I've seen them walking freely at the St. Louis Zoo. But in a zoned out meditation? SO, as a good Yogi would tell me to do, I looked up it's meaning! AND....HERES What i found...

Most of the links led to the same meaning: When you experience a Peacock sighting, whether in real or dream state, you can be pretty sure you're beginning a time of rebirth in your life. The Peacock offers the message to show your "true colors" at all times and to live in your truth and show the REAL you. The Good and The Bad. I've never had a problem with sharing my good and bad and being real, but what I found cool was the next part. It said that by doing this, I can encourage others to have a level of comfort and inspiration to be who THEY really are as well! SO, my friends: BE REAL!

Do YOU believe in having seen signs in your life? When and what did it mean to you? - Judi

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