Remodel Woes No More!

Homes are getting more expensive, and it's become definitely more financially better to remodel your existing home than it is to sell and buy a new one. Maybe a family is growing, or changing, or maybe you're just stuck in a decade that wore too much hairspray and you're ready for a new, updated home? After hearing and reading about the history and customer satisfaction Callier & Thompson has received for so many years, I thought I'd take a look at their showroom and document it so we could all check it out.

WOW! I am so happily surprised at what I found! First and Foremost, when you go to the Callier & Thompson Showroom at 14180 Manchester Road in Balwin MO, you wouldn't expect it to be as enormous (and more than one floor) it is! You can see the pictures here as well at their website: . But I think what was most impressive for me, was chatting with one the owners and reading all the customer referrals . They truly stick with you from the beginning of your project, big or small, every budget, until the very end. They are there for you for years to come, as evidenced by some of the stories I read from happy customers. AND because all done in one "shop", you're not running around picking out contractors, flooring, appliances, cabinetry, yada yada, they take care of all of it. They even have designers to help you if you need it, and they truly let you be the one in charge, as it should be! So check out the video and call them to schedule a free consultation on your project: (636) 391-9099. Share your story, I'd love to know how it goes!


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