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Perhaps you've driven by one of the Fit-Flavors stores in Creve Coeur, Brentwood or Chesterfield. Maybe you even peeked in the window and thought "What IS that place"? Maybe you heard about it from someone and thought "Ready Prepared Meals? Been there, done that!" And then never tried it. After being gone for two years, I was more than curious to see what this new place was about! A friend from my new job, Joy, went with me because she had tried it and was raving.

I am now raving! First and foremost, let's start with how this local business began and with who...

Meet Jillian Tedesco, owner and founder of Fit-Flavors

Fit-Flavors Founder/Owner Jillian Tedesco

When you go to the Fit-Flavors Website HERE You'll get a lot of information, including Jillian's entire story. Here's part of that... "I have 10+ years of personal training and nutrition experience, as well as a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. In September 2009, I formed fit-flavors..."

There's so much more, but what I LOVE about Jillian is she and I share the same passion of empowering our community, one person at a time, to embrace their greatness! Jillian is local and her company is grass-roots and she knows her stuff!

After a week of trying the different foods and testing out Fit-Flavors for myself, I can say...I am extremely impressed! Fit-Flavor's it turns out, is more than just a "meal replacement, we cook for you" yada yada place. It IS that, but way more! I am a Pescatarian (I don't eat meat or fowl, but will eat fish and dairy). Turns out, they've got meals for just about any type eater!

But even more than the food, and the convenience of it and the YUMMY TASTINESS of it, As I told Jillian in an email recently, it's a life of learning to eat better that you're introduced too. After going to the Fit-Flavors in Creve Coeur and meeting Nikki and Allison, Registered and Licensed Dietitian I learned more in an hour than I have in a lifetime of eating and food education. I learned that I needed to actually EAT to get healthy, not DIET, and I have a lot to learn. With Fit-Flavors I have a great starting point. I'll tell you a bit of what I ate and my thoughts...

Normally since I get up so early for the Morning Show 3:30AM, I'm not hungry, but the ladies informed me I was to eat something, even if it was small so I had energy (I do hit a "wall" about 8am). I took their suggested and at a Mama Mary's Raw Bar before I got on air. AND...I didn't hit that usual "wall"! I felt great, and the bar was really good!

THEN the best part of that first day happened when I got home from work around 12:30. and immediately I thought: "NO!  I don’t have time nor do I want to go grocery shopping or cook, but I am HUNGRY!” I opened the refrigerator and suddenly remembered with enthusiasm: “Omg! I don’t have to go shopping or cook! I have meals already for me!” THAT right there made my day that much brighter and better. What a time saver! SO, I popped in the microwave the Fit Flavors Falafel & Orzo meal for my lunch. I was skeptical, it looked tasty enough, but how good was it going to be if it was healthy for me? 

Well, it was DELICIOUS! AND I was full halfway through! Every one of the meals I tried was tasty, and talk about easy to prepare? All I had to do was pop the container, lid on, in the microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and that's IT! Literally all you need is a fork! What I tasted and truly enjoyed was the STL BBQ Bean Burger, The Salmon Cake with Orzo, The Blackened Salmon and the Maple Dijon Salmon. SOOOOOO GOOOD! And with all of them, even though it says one serving, I easily made two meals out of them all! I felt satisfied and they were delicious! And I truly have felt the best I've felt this week in YEARS! NOW....the cost....

VERY AFFORDABLE! In fact, I would've spent more at a grocery store, had to have cooked the food (which I am not good at) and not to mention the time involved to do all that, and the groceries would've spoiled before I used them all, so actually, I SAVED money!

Check out FIT-FLAVORS for yourself, go in one of the 3 locations, or order online and they will deliver! You deserve to eat like Royalty and get to a better healthy and better body as well! EMPOWER by EATING !? I'm In!

photo: Fit-Flavors


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