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18-year-old rakes in $35,000 in Four Days:

David is 18, and already quite the entrepreneur! Seattle has had its snowiest February so far in 70 years, with over 10 inches in many areas! He lives in Idaho, but was visiting his mom in Seattle, so the smart young man brought his plow to town, set up a Craigslist ad and immediately got a job offer for $1,000 and the customers kept calling. After only 4 days, he raked in $35,000.The 18-year-old hard worker says he’s donating 20% to his church and he plans to buy some lawn equipment, but the rest he’s saving to buy his first house.

Who Will Play Hulk Hogan?

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Biopic Directed by Todd Phillips, produced by Bradley Cooper


Queen will be performing at the Oscars not with Rami Malek who played Freddie in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, but Adam Lambert, the American Idol Singer who many thought would be great in the role because his singing voice is so much like Freddy’s, WILL be singing so looking forward too. The 2019 Oscars IS THIS SUNDAY Feb. 24 airing live on ABC 7:00 C.S.T.

Find Gomez!

A Massachusetts Man is so happy after his missing dog for over eight months finally was found two states away! The five-year-old King Shepherd, Kaiser had been missing for eight months, owner Tom Woollacott drove all the way to South Paris, Maine to be reunited with his Best Friend! AND HERE AT HOME, Gomez is still missing and Julie Tristan shared the details: Gomez went missing on November 24th. Near 181 Coeur De Ville Dr, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 There is a $1,500 reward for his safe return!

Gomez is an Aussie/Poodle mix (likely mini Aussie and Toy Poodle given how small he is!)

Gomez was with a pet sitter and through a series of unfortunate events, he ran off and was too afraid to come back. This happened on 11/24/2018. He was sighted over the next two days ... and then it seems the confirmed sightings stopped. Action was taken immediately to find the dog - shelters contacted, postings on neighborhood apps, lost dog pages, vet offices contacted, signs made and distributed, and constant searching. It should be noted, Gomez lives in the Kansas City area of the state and was visiting the St. Louis area when this happened. So he is certainly unfamiliar with the area as well.

By Sunday evening (the 25th), word was spreading about Gomez. Posts were being shared by the thousands. Communities from Kansas City and St. Louis were coming together for this little squirrel dog. Gomez is tiny - about 4 lbs ... and being out there in the cold is terrifying to think about. All stops have been pulled - Gomez's parents got on flights as early as they could, they hired a professional pet tracker who did pick up Gomez's scent - but lost it, and organized a search.

Gomez is still out there, waiting to come home. If you can help, give word to

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