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A professor in New York found an old Apple computer in his parents Attic, and after dusting it off he put in an old game and Tada!It worked!He tweeted “It must be 30 years old!I feel 10 again! You definitely should check your parents basement, ya never know what you might find!

AND over the weekend MIRANDA LAMBERT spilled the beans of her secret wedding she had at the end of January! Miranda in a post Saturday said she married “The Love of (her) life”! Who is this mysterious man? He is a New York Police Officer! Who'd thunk?

MOM always SAID Eat your Eat your Fruits and Vegys! NOW A recent study came out that not only is eating lots of fruits and vegys good for you physically, it also increases your psychological well-being

GIVE this Texas Kindergarten teacher an A +! This teacher went the EXTRA mile for a student by cutting her hair short after the student was getting teased by classmates for her own cropped hairstyle! I love this story, and once again it shows how when a teacher is great, they're REALLY great!

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