Trending Today on Billy & Julie 2/14/19

No surprise that the Silicon Valley town of Atherton, California topped the Bloomberg list of the richest places annual index. After all, it's the place that houses the likes of Googles Eric Schmidt and Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg. What may be surprising, however, is the local town of Ladue, Missouri that made the list coming it at number 22! The average income of Ladue is currently $291,794! WOW!

Photo: Getty Images

On Sunday Miranda Lambert allegedly was in an altercation at a Nashville Steak place. Well, just recently this week more pics and videos surfaced along with audio of Miranda and her male friend having this argument with what looks to be an older couple. The gossip rags said Miranda had to be restrained by her friend after dumping her salad in a woman's lap! You be the judge and look at this Youtube video from TMZ below (you can hear a diner in the background saying "Only in Nashville"!)

It used to be said ONLY in L.A.! Reminds me of a lyric from a song ..."Kinda Like Nashville, with a TAN"!

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