Little Things Can Make A Person A Whole Lotta BIG!


When asked what people most crave in life, what do you suppose most would say? Love, a family, money, a great career…Happiness? Sure, all those things or even one of them can certainly lead to a perceived “Happy Life”. Our world, however, is filled with depressed people who have those things, and yet they continue to stumble down a pill-popping road on a “chasing happy” journey down the proverbial Rabbit Hole. Why? What is it that makes millions of people reach pinnacles of what they thought would make them happy, only to be left feeling they are missing something.


I think that perhaps the one thing craved by humans, the thing that can encompass all that is “happiness”, can be surmised in one word: VALUE .

Sounds so simple, unfortunately most of us tend to find our “Value” through the validation of others. We give away our power to let others tell us how we should dress, talk, eat, walk, work, be accepted, all so we can get the value we crave. Yet the value that is the most important, we completely ignore. Our Inner Soul. The value of ourselves.

In truth, Value is simply perspective. You’ve heard the expression, one persons’ trash is another’s treasure.It is a perfect example of a perspective in value. An item at an Estate Sale selling for a couple bucks, was once treasured by its original owner as a priceless memory from a trip to an exotic land.

At a thrift shop you might find an old men’s dress shirt for a buck.Not much value there, until it’s upcycled and repurposed to a new life as a sofa pillow with the pocket used for holding the T.V. remote, perhaps even upping its original value.

When living becomes difficult, you hit bumps and are left at times feeling strangled in pain because the person you relied so heavily on for value, suddenly decides you are worthless, what then? How will you react the next time you lose a job, or feel you’re stuck without any way out of your pain? Will you allow yourself to be thrown overboard? Be devalued? Or will you take a different angle, a different direction.Choose different. What can you take from the experience, what perspective might you gain in order to learn from it. What can you learn for your soul to grow, perhaps even use it to re-purpose your purpose, and up-cycle your life ?

You create your own Value.You and no one else.Come to that mindful conclusion and you will feel humbly powerful. Then, pass it on. Appreciate and Value those all around you.Your family, your friends, co-workers, and yes, complete strangers.Value THEM. It doesn’t cost a dime, and will in turn give you MORE value.


Giving value needn’t be complicated, sometimes it’s a simple “hello” or “thank you”. For example, while waiting in a long grocery line, I heard murmurs of complaints behind me as an elderly woman slowly counted out the exact amount due. The cashier looked weary, but patiently and with kindness finished up with the woman. I was next, and I read her name tag and said “Hi Kathy, you were so kind to that woman.I’m sure it must be hard sometimes”. She looked at me, surprise on her face.She grinned slowly and said: “Thank you for noticing. I have been here over 8 hours and no one has so much as said a hello to me! Thank you so much!”. Sharing a little value didn’t cost me a thing, and it gave me such a big smile, and…added to my Value Meter .

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a person a whole lotta big.

I hope you are your own creator of lots of “little” (and big!) things to be mindfully aware of your true beautiful soul and have self-value. I wish for you to be a Valor of Value .

Love and Light – Judi

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