50 Years Ago Today, The Beatles Played on the Rooftop at Apple Records

Unannounced, in the middle of a work day in London, and it was the last time they ever played together live.

The Beatles famous Rooftop concert happened on this day, fifty years ago. January 30, 1969.

The group wanted to play one last concert together but couldn't decide on a venue. According to Billy Preston, who was recruited to join in by George Harrison, it was John Lennon's idea to perform on the roof of Apple Records, 3 Savile Row, London. The band played for 40 minutes. They played 5 songs, but more than one take of some of the songs.

The show was so unannounced, the police were called and they asked the band to lower the volume and then ultimately shut down the show.

Footage of the performance is used in the film, "Let it Be."

The last time the Beatles played together live, 50 years ago today.

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