Lyft and Major Brands Will Give You a Free Lyft

Lyft is offering 2,000 free rides between 4pm New Year's Eve to 4am New Year's Day.

We all know we shouldn't drink and drive. Lyft and Major Brands are teaming up to make sure you don't get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink.  

Starting today, there is a pass code to use for the free rides on Lyft's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

 Only the first 2,000 to use the code will get the free rides, up to $25. 

Please be safe on New Year's Eve (and always actually) 

With low gas prices, more people will be on the road.  If you have had too much to drink, please take advantage of a free ride from Lyft. 

Thanks to Fox2 Now for the story. 

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