On This Day in 1977 Elvis Costello Got Banned From Saturday Night Live

As a last minute replacement for the Sex Pistols as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Elvis Costello got himself banned from the show!

The Sex Pistols, who were originally scheduled as the musical guest, were not allowed in the country due to a visa mixup.  

Elvis Costello and the Attractions were a last minute replacement.  

Saturday Night Live executive producer, Lorne Michaels, warned Elvis to not perform the song, "Radio Radio," which is a slam on coporate radio and television.  

Elvis Costello was introduced by the late great Don Pardo and the band went into the song "Less Than Zero."  Less than a minute into it, Elvis stopped and the band went into "Radio Radio." 

Elvis Costello was banned from performing on Saturday Night Live for twelve years. 

It all  happened on this day in 1977. 

Here's is how it all went down. 

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