Toy Story 4 Teaser Trailer Released Today and I'm Already Crying

The teaser trailer is actually pretty funny and I know it's too early to cry, but rumor is there's a very emotional ending in Toy Story 4, and I'm a serious fan. Yes, I was an adult when the first Toy Story came out but I was forced to watch it more than 100 times with an adorable 3-year-old who had to have it on repeat, 24/7. I fell in love with the movie because, well, most of Andy's toys are toys I played with as a kid too. They are timeless. Slinky, Speak And Spell, Mister Potato Head, Barrel of Monkeys and so many more. So, it's perfectly cool for a grown adult to love an animated film series. No judgement. 

In Toy Story 4 Bonnie adds a new toy called "Forky" to her room and the other toys must adjust. Of course Forky focuses on the fact that he's not a toy and Woody jokes "he'll poke an eye out." Hilarious. You also gotta love the Judy Collins, Both Sides Now, theme song of this trailer. Way to kick it old school Pixar. Another reason to shed tears? We have to wait until Summer to see the film. The release date is June 21, 2019. Enjoy the trailer below and get more details on the movie's Facebook page here


Disney Pixar released an adorable reaction teaser trailer with two new toys, Ducky, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Bunny, voiced by Jordan Peele. Check it out below. These new characters are super adorable. They're so fluffy! read more here.



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