School Forces Girl To Cover Her Legs With Duct Tape For Breaking Dress Code

A seventh grader at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Walforf, Maryland was made to cover her legs with duct tape after she wore ripped jeans to class. The school's dress code bans shorts above the knee and jeans with holes above the knee. Since the girl's pants had holes higher than her knee, her teacher told her she had to get the tape. 

The middle schooler told FOX5 , "So I went to go get the tape and the teacher tried to put it on, and then she said make it tighter because she didn't want it falling off or anything." The girl texted her mom, Nicole Williams , and complained about how the tape was itching and burning her skin. Nicole was furious. 


The angry mother explained, "The idea that they came up with and believe it was a good idea to put duct tape on a child when they can clearly see bare skin – I believe they should have called me first and gave her a chance to change her clothes."

The school's principal apologized and admitted that they didn't follow protocol since their policy does state that a parent should be called before duct tape is applied to students' clothes. The administrator added, "My first concern is for the child and I want to make sure that she is okay. I will review with staff proper procedures for handling dress code violations moving forward."

Photo Credit: Getty


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