News You Need: NY Attorney General resigns


*Thunderstorms this morning, partly cloudy this afternoon high 89


*An incident at the Brentwood Square Nordstrom Rack on Thursday is catching national attention after three young black men say they were falsely accused of theft. The president of Nordstrom Rack flew to St. Louis himself to make an apology to the teens and their families in person.


*A security guard who allegedly tased an unarmed 14-year-old student at a Missouri middle school has been charged with assault, police announced Tuesday. On April 20, police arrested Frederick Abernathy, the director of security at the Normandy Schools Collaborative, the Normandy Police Department said in a press release. Police said Abernathy was in the hallway at Normandy Middle School when a student was preparing to leave for the day. Abernathy allegedly confronted the student in the main foyer of the building and the two had a verbal disagreement, according to police. As the student attempted to walk away from the conflict, Abernathy allegedly tased him, police said.


*Passengers on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to Denver last night were forced to evacuate after landing when smoke filled the cabin.

The plane was taxiing to the gate when the cabin suddenly filled with smoke. The plane stopped on the tarmac and the crew opened the emergency exits and passengers were evacuated down the emergency slides. There were no major injuries although some minor injuries were reported. Video taken by one of the passengers shows people standing on the plane's wings while others went down the slides.

Denver International Airport confirmed there was a fire on the plane. The cause is under investigation. (Detroit Free Press)

Following Donald Trump's announcement Tuesday, the U.S. may be out of the nuclear deal with Iran, but that won't necessarily end Iran's pact with some U.S. allies and other countries.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that he's ordered diplomats from his country to negotiate with the other countries that were part of the deal, including European nations, Russia and China.

But he also said that he's ready for Iran to pick up its uranium enrichment program, following Trump's decision to dump the deal.

Rouhani said, "If in the short-term, we conclude that we can achieve what we want" from the nuclear pact, the deal with continue. But, he continued, "I have asked [Iran's] Atomic Energy Organization to prepare the necessarily orders to start unlimited enrichment," which had been limited as part of the pact. 

Source: The Washington Post

*New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may have resigned, but he's not off the hook. On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed a special prosecutor to look into the allegations that the former AG physically assaulted four women.

Cuomo, who was among those saying that Schneiderman should step down, hired Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas to head the probe. Cuomo said in a letter, she "will investigate, and if warranted, prosecute, any and all matters concerning the public allegations against Schneiderman, as reflected in The New Yorker article dated May, 7, 2018, titled 'Four Women Accuse New York's Attorney General of Physical Abuse.'"

Schneiderman, who became known as a #MeToo supporter, reportedly slapped and choked the women.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, meanwhile, suggested criminal charges should be filled against Schneiderman, saying, "It's a moment of reckoning – and now that reckoning has come to him." 

Source: New York Daily News


*Minnesota Twins beat the Cards 7-1

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