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*A vehicle fire closed several lanes of southbound I-270 at Ladue road this morning, Tim Gilbert will have the latest in his next traffic update at 8:10am.

A judge on Monday will consider whether the pivotal witness in Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' criminal trial _ a woman involved in an affair with him should be prohibited from testifying.

Circuit Judge Rex Burlison will preside over the hearing, just a week before Greitens stands trial for felony invasion of privacy.



Cruise passengers vacationing on the Carnival Dream say the ship briefly turned into a nightmare when a main water pipe burst and flooded dozens of staterooms.

The last thing anyone wants to see on a cruise ship is rising water and some passengers immediately feared the worst. But they were told that the water was coming from a burst pipe and assured that the ship was not in any danger. Crew members worked tirelessly with buckets to bail out rooms and hallways as guests tried to keep their belongings out of the flood. 

The ship returned safely to New Orleans over the weekend and was repaired in time for its next cruise on Sunday. About 100 guests effected by the flood received a full refund and a discount on a future cruise. 

Source: NBC Miami

First Lady Melania Trump is going to officially announce her formal platform today. The announcement will take place in the White House Rose Garden. Her spokeswoman says that the First Lady's mission will focus on the well-being of children.

As for what shape that takes, we’ll have to wait – though it’s been confirmed that her platform will be broad, and won't focus on one specific area. Instead she'll work on a wide variety of issues affecting children. "Tomorrow is the day!" Melania tweets. "Very excited to announce my initiatives."

Tune in to the White House live feed at or on via the official White House Twitter –@WhiteHouse.

Senator John McCain has at least one request for his funeral. He doesn't want Donald Trumpthere. Instead, McCain would like Vice President Mike Pence to represent the White House.

According to an article published in The New York Times, those close to McCain have told the White House "that their current plan" is to invite Pence instead, because of Trump's "rocky relationship" with McCain.

The 81-year-old McCain, who announced he's suffering from brain cancer in July 2107, is continuing treatment for the disease at home in Arizona.

Trump criticized McCain after he voted against the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Back in 2105, Trump also said that the former prisoner of war in Vietnam wasn't a "hero" because he had been captured. 

Source: People

*Volcano Sightseers 

Hawaiian authorities are urging sightseers to stay away as Leilani Estates residents return to check on their neighborhood, which is threatened by lava and toxic gases emerging from fissures in the subdivision. Big Island's Kilauae volcano erupted Thursday, spewing molten rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide. 

U.S. And Britain Continue To Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal - 

The British ambassador to the U.S. says conversations between the U.S. and Britain are continuing on the Iran Nuclear Deal ahead of the May 12th waiver deadline.

President Trump has until Saturday to decide what the United States' next move will be in the deal. On CBS's "Face the Nation," Kim Darrochsaid he believes the current deal is a good deal, though not perfect. Darroch said President Trump is rightly concerned about Iran's regional activities, that ballistic missiles aren't covered and that Trump isn't happy about the sunset clauses.

The British ambassador believes they have ideas in which they can find some language and produce some action that meets President Trump's concerns. Britain's foreign secretary is expected to be in Washington, DC for two days of talks this week with administration officials and is expected to discuss Iran during the visit. 

Source: “Face The Nation” 


*The Cardinals beat the Cubs yesterday, they take on the Twins today at 7:10pm

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