Handcuffed Man Jumps Off Balcony In Attempt To Escape Court


Security camera footage from a Utah courthouse captured the moment that a man tried to escape police custody by jumping from a second-floor balcony. 35-year-old Christopher Clay Rudd was set to appear before a judge after he skipped out on his court-ordered drug rehabilitation when he bolted from the courtroom. Rudd then ran through the hallway and threw himself off the balcony.

Multiple cameras caught the incident as it unfolded. The first camera, which was inside the courtroom,  showed Rudd, who was wearing a yellow prison jumpsuit calmy get-up and start walking out of the courtroom. When officers started to chase after him he started to run. The second camera captured him running through the hallway and jumping over the balcony. A third camera shows two men try to catch him as he fell in the front lobby of the courthouse. The two uniformed officers rush to his aid as the footage ends. 

Rudd suffered a broken leg and pelvis and fractured his skull. Police are unsure if he was trying to injure himself. They said he could face additional charges for trying to escape.


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