News You Need: Teachers Strike In Arizona

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Temperatures will be warmer than what we had the last few days, lots of sunshine the high near 77


*Shots rang out last night on the rooftop of the Budweiser brewhouse during a private party, police are asking for the publics help if they saw anything, they say 2 men got into an argument and one man opened fire, detectives are investigating


*It’s an important day in the Greitens investigation, a key player is set to be deposed. A court hearing begins at 9 AM.  Al Watkins will be deposed by Greiten’s defense team.  Watkins is the attorney for the ex-husband of the governor’s former mistress.  The governor’s lawyers want to know the identity of who is behind the $100,000 cash that was delivered to Watkins law office earlier this year, to help pay the legal bill of the ex-husband.



Wages, Salaries On The Rise -

There is some good news for American workers.  The Labor Department reports wages and salaries in the private sector rose one-percent between January and March. That's the fastest pace in eleven years. Analysts say the increase was fueled in part by healthy year-end commissions. The increase also reflects bonuses paid after the new corporate tax cut took effect.  Overall, compensation for U.S. workers rose two-point-seven-percent in the first quarter from a year ago. The other great news is unemployment is at a 17-year low at 4.1-percent and hourly pay rose too. 

Source: KPRC

Two Wireless Carriers Are Looking To Merge - 

The third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers in the U.S. may soon be one company.  T-Mobile yesterday agreed to acquire Sprint for 26-billion dollars, all in stock. It's taken four years of on-again-off-again talks that ended with the agreement that creates a carrier with 127-million customers. Verizon is the nation's top carrier, followed by AT&T.

Source: CNN

Bill Gates Is Working Towards A Universal Flu Vaccine - 

When it comes to charitable work, Bill Gates walks the walk.  The Microsoft founder, through his foundation, is launching a 12-million dollar challenge for research on universal flu vaccines. The billionaire wants the world to be prepared for the next flu pandemic, which many believe isn’t too far in the future.  The announcement comes 100 years after the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 killed 50-million people around the world

Source: The Verge

*When Vice President Mike Pence speaks Friday at the NRA's annual meeting in Dallas no guns will be allowed, despite the fact the group likes to promote the idea that everyone is safer around "a good guy with a gun."  Following the news, survivors from the Parkland, Florida shooting say they should be given the same protection and even some NRA supporters are calling out the group for banning guns at the speech.

Source: The Washington Post


*The Pirates beat the Cardinals 5-0, they play the White Sox tomorrow at 7:15pm

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