News You Need: Heartworm hits animal rescue


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*Beware dog owners, Heartworm is in the area.  The Gateway Pet Guardians are treating 32 cases & volunteers can't rescue any more dogs from the euthanasia list at St. Clair because every dog has heartworm.  The group is trying to raise $20,000 for treatments through their healing hearts campaign. CLICK HERE TO DONATE  Every dog that goes outside is at risk because heartworm is transmitted through a mosquito bite, Vets suggest monthly preventatives. 



Suspected Golden State Killer To Appear In Court Today -

 The former police officer suspected of being the infamous Golden State Killer is due in court today.

Joseph James DeAngelo will be arraigned in Sacramento, California Superior Court. The 72-year-old DeAngelo was arrested Wednesday. He's charged with eight counts of murder after a crime spree that went on for ten years in the 1970s and '80s. Authorities say the rampage was set off by his firing from a job as a police officer.

Authorities say the investigation that stretched over 40 years paid off through the use of new DNA techniques and genealogy websites to lead to a suspect. The Golden State Killer is blamed for at least a dozen murders, 45 rapes, and more than 100 home break-ins up and down California.

The district attorney’s offices in Ventura and Orange Counties announced that they also would be filing murder, rape, robbery and other charges in at least six other killings. 

Source: SF Gate

Kensington Palace Announces Baby Prince’s Name - 

Prince Williamand Kate have named their third child.

After a few days of speculation we know the fifth royal in line to the throne is Louis Arthur Charles. British betting house took wagers for weeks and James was the top choice.

It’s a year of celebrations for the British royal family. Next month, Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle and later this year Prince Charlescelebrates his 70th birthday. The Queen’s birthday gala will be this summer, despite her actual birthday being last weekend.

Source: NBC News

Amazon To Increase Price Of Annual Prime Plan

Get ready to shell out more for Amazon perks.

Amazon is increasing the cost of its annual Prime plan. As of May 11th, the company will raise the price of the annual Prime membership from 99-dollars to 119-dollars. Amazon's CFO says the increase is due to the service's increasing costs. Amazon Prime has over 100-million members around the globe. Existing Prime members will have until June 16th to renew their memberships at the current 99-dollar-price.

The company is taking a big gamble considering how much they are going over the psychologically significant 100-dollar mark. We’ll know shortly after the change how people really feel.

Source: CNET

Korean War Will Be Formally Ended This Year - 

Hostilities between North and South Korea are coming to an end.

We told you earlier about the historic summit between leaders Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in. Well, it has resulted in the Korean War being declared over. 65 years after the war actions ceased, the peace treaty will be signed.

Jae-in said “There will not be any more war on the Korean Peninsula, a new era of peace has begun. Chairman Kim Jong Un and I have agreed that complete denuclearization will be achieved, and that is our common goal.”

The two leaders will be at a signing ceremony later this year. 

Source: CNN

Large Wisconsin Refinery Fire Is Put Out - 

An explosion and fire at a refinery could’ve been much worse than it was.

A huge fire at an oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, is out after an all day battle. No deaths from the explosions yesterday morning at the Husky Energy plant were reported, but at least eleven people were hospitalized in Duluth and Superior facilities, one with a "serious blast injury." The number was later dropped to six.

No details were available on the extent of damage to the refinery. Evacuation orders for a massive area around the plant remained in effect into the night, with hourly reassessments.

Source: U.S. News & World Report


The Cards beat The Mets 4-3, they play the Pirates this weekend

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