Heartworm Affects Animal Rescue As Mosquito Season Begins

Healing Hearts

April isn’t just Heartworm Awareness Month; it’s also the start of MOSQUITO SEASON!

Local animal rescue group Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG) can’t rescue any more from the euthanasia list at St. Clair Animal Control because EVERY dog on the list has Heartworm and GPG is already treating 32 case.

That’s 13 DOGS in need of rescue that have to wait for GPG to raise funds to save them! Treatment can cost upwards of $900/dog.  


Those 13 dogs include one named “Nero”, a black lab with heartworm disease, who GPG will save on May 1st unless they can raise funds before then.

EVERY DOG who goes outside is at risk of getting HEARTWORM disease because it is TRANSMITTED through MOSQUITO BITES!  Heartworm is easily preventable with monthly preventatives, as recommended by a veterinarian.

The Gateway Pet Guardians started a “Healing Hearts” campaign trying to raise $19,800 and have a long way to go to reach their goal. 

GPG is also a part of the St. Clair Animal Welfare Coalition that was formed to improve the lives of animals in the county. One of the hot topics of discussion is getting heartworm positive dogs out of animal control as soon as possible.  The groups are all working together on progressive solutions to increase the likelihood that a rescue or shelter will rescue them from the euthanasia list. 

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