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*Gorgeous day today the high is 70


*Today is the 25th annual "Dine Out For Life" Event where area restaurants will donate some of their profits to help fund the fight against HIV and AIDS in St. Louis. If you eat at any of the participating restaurants, at least 25% of your check will go to help the Saint Louis Effort for Aids.

 To see the participating restaurants CLICK HERE

*More than a year later a man admits to vandalizing more than one hundred heastones at Chesed Shel Emth Cemetery.  34 year old Alzado Harris of Florissant confessed saying he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and angry about a personal matter.



*Things aren't looking good for Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician Donald Trump picked to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.  On Wednesday, the Democratic staff of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee released a list of his alleged questionable deeds like when he allegedly doled out "a large supply" of Percocet to a White House military staff member.  Also according to the list, Jackson got really drunk at a going away part for a Secret Service member and "wrecked a government vehicle." Jackson has denied the car accident. The White House is standing by Jackson. 

Source: The New York Times

Ford announced Wednesday that it's getting rid of most of its cars. The company is dropping the Fiesta subcompact, Fusion midsize sedan and Taurus large sedan to focus on SUVs and trucks.

The only cars that will remain in the Ford lineup are the Mustang and a new hatchback the company has dubbed the Focus Active, which is a small car with a high-profile, similar to a SUV, but it is still classified as a car.

The Taurus and Fiesta could be gone as soon as 2019, while the Fusion will probably remain in production for a few more years. 

Source: USA Today

Teachers In Arizona And Colorado Are Walking Out Today - 

Teachers in two states plan to walk out of the classroom today in hopes of getting better pay and more resources.

Arizona teachers are striking to demand a 20-percent raise, raises for support staff and more school funding. The walkout is forcing most schools to close for at least the rest of the week. Over 30-thousand educators and their supporters plan to march to the state capitol for a rally.

Classrooms in Colorado will also be empty as that state’s teachers protest their pay and funding. Nearly 10-thousand people will also descend on the Colorado state capitol today and tomorrow.

These are the latest strikes in an uprising that began weeks ago with the #RedforEd movement started in West Virginia. So far, all have resulted in more money being negotiated for pay and resources.

Source: WTOP

Romaine Lettuce Warnings Are Stronger After More Fall Ill - 

If you have romaine lettuce in your home, toss it in the trash.

The romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak is spreading. An update from the CDC says 31 more people from ten states have been affected by the outbreak since last week, bringing the total to 84. Forty-two people have been hospitalized, including one who developed kidney failure.

A total of 19 states have reported cases of E. coli from romaine lettuce, with Colorado, Georgia and South Dakota being added to the list. Pennsylvania and California have been the hardest hit by the outbreak.

The CDC says the infected lettuce is probably coming from the Yuma, Arizona growing region, and warns consumers not to eat the lettuce if you don't know where it was grown. The investigation into the exact source is ongoing.

Source: CBS News

North Korea Nuke Test Site May Have Collapsed - 

There are reports the ground at North Korea's main nuclear test site has collapsed.

Chinese geologists say the site could be unsafe for any more testing and it might be vulnerable to leaking radiation. This might undermine the sincerity of North Korea's announcement last weekend that it's closing the site and suspending nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

The site in a mountainous region in the northeast part of North Korea is where the isolated communist state has conducted all six of its nuclear tests over the past dozen years. After the last test, four earthquakes were triggered.

The news comes ahead of Friday’s summit between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Source: USA Today

Waffle House Shooter Had A Stockpile Of Ammunition - 

Police in Tennessee say the Waffle House shooting suspect had hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his apartment.

Court documents show Travis Reinking had over 970 rounds of ammo. Police also found gun scopes, a GoPro camera, several computers and four cell phones.

Police spokesman Don Aaron is also confirming that video from the suspect’s devices is also being retrieved and examined.

Reinking is charged with killing four people when he opened fire on a Nashville Waffle House early Sunday morning. He was captured Monday after an extensive manhunt.

 Source: Tennessean

The charges are adding up against Gold State Killer suspect Joseph DeAngelo. On Wednesday, prosecutors in Orange County, California filed four additional charges against the 72-year-old former police officer. That now brings the total number of pending murder charges against DeAngelo to eight cases in various California courts.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones told reporters on Wednesday that DeAngelo was captured late Tuesday evening by a federal and local task force after linking him to the crimes through "surveillance and discarded DNA."

They believe he's responsible for 12 murders, 45 rapes and more than 120 residential burglaries from 1976 through 1986. 

Source: Los Angeles Times


*The Cards beat those Mets 9-1, they play them again today at 12:15pm

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