Dwayne Johnson's Skyscraper Reminds Me of Die Hard

Actor Dwayne Johnson is a busy guy. While walking through the movie theatre on Sunday I spotted his new movie poster for 'Skyscraper' and wondered, "Is there any action movie he's not in?" I mean, he's a busy guy with three movies so far in 2018 and, according to Google, two movies in 2017.  His movie 'Rampage' just hit theatres on April 13th and 'Skyscraper' will be out this Summer on July 13th. Coincidentally that is almost exactly 30 years from the release of one of my all-time favorite 80's movies 'Die Hard' which was in theatres July 15, 1988.

In 'Skyscraper' Johnson plays a former FBI agent who moves his family to Hong Kong to work as head of security in the cities tallest building. Needless to say, the building comes under attack and Johnson is on his own trying to save his family from the burning building. I'm not sure if the similarities to 'Die Hard' are intentional. I'm sure everyone is making the same leap but I haven't read anything that says it's a remake. Personally, I don't really care. Like the original, and most of Johnson's action movies, it just looks like it will be fun to watch. You can check out the trailer below. I didn't notice any great one liners but I really hope they're in there. I mean, "Yippee ki yay..."



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