TRENDIN' WITH TRISTAN: Breaking down their love story

Abbie Lee Miller Has Life Saving Surgery - 

“Dance Moms” star Abbie Lee Miller had emergency surgery to save her life.

Miller went to a doctor for back pain she had been dealing with for a couple of weeks and an MRI revealed an infected mass in her spine. Without the 5-hour surgery, the reality star would have been paralyzed and died in a very short time.

It hasn’t been a good post prison release time for Miller, who recently got out after serving 366 days. Right after her release, she was hospitalized for a thyroid condition.

Miller is recovering well, but will need a follow up operation

Source: Extra

Steve Irwin To Receive A Hollywood Honor - 

The Crocodile Hunter is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The late Steve Irwin became a global star for his hit wildlife show in which he fearlessly wrangled wild animals. Irwin's wife and children are expected to attend the Walk of Fame ceremony April 26th on Hollywood Boulevard. The Irwin family will be carrying on the legacy of the Crocodile Hunter with their very own wildlife conservation show, which airs later this year on Animal Planet.

After the ceremony, there will be a gala to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Irwin.

Source: News Corp Australia


Mark Hamill Will Be In Sheldon’s Wedding Episode -

 “The Big Bang Theory” is about to get an ample dose of The Force.

We don’t know if he’ll be himself or not, but Mark Hamill will be in the season finale, which will feature Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. This is the icing on the wedding cake for an episode already featuring Kathy Bates, Jerry O’Connell as Georgie Cooper, Laurie Metcalfe’s return as Sheldon’s mom, and others.

Get ready! The nuptials are May 10 on CBS!

Source: UPI


Steven Spielberg Is Teaming With DC Comics - 

A legendary filmmaker is hopping into the superhero world.

Steven Spielberg is joining forces with DC Comics. He is teaming up with Warner Brothers to produce his first DC film. "Blackhawk" is a World War 2 action-adventure based on the 1941 comic of the same name. Warner Brothers says he also has his sights set on directing the film.

Spielberg recently partnered with the motion pictures company on the film "Ready Player One." He is also currently working on a remake of "West Side Story," and is set to make "Indiana Jones 5."

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Jurors at Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial on Tuesday heard portions of his interviews with police and his testimony in a disturbing 2005 deposition.

In the deposition, Cosby said he reached an area "somewhere between permission and rejection" during a sexual encounter with his chief accuser, Andrea Constand. He also talked about obtaining quaaludes to give to potential sexual partners.

In a statement to police in 2005 that was read to jurors, Cosby said he gave Constand tablets of Benadryl to relax her, and then fondled her breasts and genitals. He also told police he doesn't like to have sexual intercourse. “I like the petting, the touching,” Cosby explained. (Page Six)


WWE Stars John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up, they've been dating for 6/7 years, well before she could move in with him he made her sign a contract, a 75 page cohabitation agreement.  The document was a storyline on season 1 of the E! reality show Total Bellas. 

*One of the line items that upset Nikki the most was Cena’s referral to her as “a guest.”

*He was married for 3 years to another woman and they got divorced the same year John and Nikki started dating, so that could be where his "issues" came from.

• “In the event that I ask you to vacate the home, you agree to immediately vacate the home and remove any and all items" 

*It's estimated he's worth $55 million and she's worth around $5 million



• Sarah Stennett, of First Access Entertainment, has dropped Zayn Malik after two years of representation

• "the artist is challenging to work with, declining many promotional opportunities and not touring behind his last album.”



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