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*It's Tax Day!  You have until midnight tonight to have your taxes filed.  The IRS’s “failure to file penalty” usually will cost you about 5% of your total tax bill. 

*An endangered person advisory is issued for a missing 7-month-old from Pevely, Missouri.  Police believe Aubrey Gardner is with her non-custodial biological father Dalton Gardner, 29. They may be traveling in a white 2013 Chevrolet Cruze with Missouri plate ID: UJ2T6N.



Dozens of American families are fuming mad after they were left stranded in Mexico with no way to get home.  Passengers booked on Sun Country Airlines flights from the Mexico resort towns Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan to Minneapolis were told that because of a rare spring blizzard in Minnesota, they had to cancel their flights home. The problem is that these were the last flights scheduled on Sun Country's wintertime-only service to and from Mexico. So instead of putting passengers on another flight, they simply told them they would refund their tickets and said they would have to book a flight on another carrier.

Passengers complained that they had to pay a lot more to get last minute flights on other airlines. (CBS News)

Another Starbucks Misstep In The Philadelphia Incident - 

Protests are continuing at a Philadelphia Starbucks and now those rallying are even angrier.  As the CEO and COO of the coffee chain is in Philly to do damage control, Starbucks said it was “mutually decided” that the manager of a store who called 911 on two African-American men is no longer employed there. 

A viral video shows the two men, both real estate agents, being cuffed and taken away from the coffee shop last week as they waited for a third person to show up. Both have agreed to meet with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.

Source: CBS News

Child Brings Knife To Elementary School And Cuts Classmates - 

Authorities in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota say a second-grader attacked students with a kitchen knife yesterday morning.

The attack happened just before school and three students were injured. The students were ages eight, nine, and 13. Two were taken to the hospital by their parents and were treated and released.

The district says the 13-year-old was waiting for a transfer bus from Pleasantview Elementary to a middle school when the attack happened. School officials say they will work with the family of the attacker and law enforcement in dealing with the incident.

A motive for the eight-year-old to bring a knife to school isn’t known. The school district send emails to parents about the incident and has said they hope the child gets treatment. 

Source: CBS Minnesota

John McCain had surgery to help fight off an intestinal infection, his office announced Monday evening. The 81-year-old senator from Arizona has been staying in his home state while he's being treated for brain cancer.

According to a statement, McCain is in "stable condition" recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. The infection is reportedly linked to diverticulitis, which affects the wall of the colon.

McCain is also suffering from glioblastoma, the same sort of brain cancer that led to the deaths of former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Beau, and Senator Edward Kennedy.

Though McCain was diagnosed with cancer in July, he had gone back to Congress in the fall as he received radiation treatments and chemotherapy. However, late last year he went home to Arizona to undergo physical rehabilitation and continue his treatments. 

Source: The Washington Post


The Cards game was postponed last night due to temperatures around freezing in Chicago, they play them today at 7:05pm

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