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*Partly cloudy today the high is 72


A home in Webster Groves exploded and caught fire last Sunday night while the man who rents it was running errands.  Four other family members who live there were gone too.  This happened just before midnight on Sunday.  A special canine agent handler was with an explosion detection dog and it is routine for ATF to be at house explosions

*Two people are facing charges after a dog was found starved to death in Granite City.  The horrible people's names are John T. Haynes Jr. and Jonyce L. Lockett, both 37, were arrested at their home on Emert Avenue according to State’s Attorney.  THANK YOU to the person that made an anonymous report about the dog.   An autopsy revealed the dog’s cause of death was starvation. The dog’s stomach allegedly had no traces of food but did have pieces of chewed plastic from a doghouse.  Haynes and Lockett have each been charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty. Their bond was set at $50,000.


*Dellwood’s contract with St. Louis County Police ends at midnight tonight so that means St. Louis County Police will no longer be patrolling Dellwood.  The decision was made because of cost. However that doesn't mean there's no protection in the area, North County Co-Op officers will take over.  12 officers will officially police the area. 



At least 100 people were killed when an Algerian military plane crashed shortly after takeoff today.

The Soviet-made plane took off from a military base in the northern part of the African nation and crashed in a field. Military officials say the plane was carrying soldiers and there may have been as many as 200 on board. There's been no word on the number of survivors or injured. The cause of the crash is under investigation. 

Source: NY Times

Oklahoma Educators Lay Out Conditions For Return To Classes - 

The Oklahoma Education Association is willing to get back to work…with conditions.

OEA officials say if lawmakers increase education funding by another 50-million-dollars, the state's teachers will return to work. Legislators have approved more than 450-million-dollars in additional school funding, and the teacher's union has requested a 500-million-dollar financial package. Thousands of Oklahoma students have been home from school since the walkout started last Monday.

Following in Oklahoma’s footsteps, Arizona teachers are preparing for a possible walkout as they continue to push for 20 percent pay increases. Educators in around a thousand public schools are already planning for "walk-in" today as part of the #RedForEd campaign. 

Source: KWTV

White House Mulls Over Syria Response - 

A U.S. response to the suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria is expected soon and some high-level travel plans are being changed.

President Trump canceled his planned Friday trip to South America and Vice President Mike Pence will fill in for him. Meantime, Defense Secretary James Mattis has canceled plans to travel to San Francisco and Nevada over the weekend.

Meanwhile an international team of chemical weapons inspectors is getting ready to survey the scene of a sarin gas attack in Syria. At the UN, the United States and Russia used their vetoes at the United Nations Security Council to cancel out each other’s proposals for investigations into the attack and who was responsible. In other words, they won’t be finding out from the UN.

On Monday, President Trump said a response to the attacks in Syria would be coming soon. The U.S. is gathering evidence to prove Syria used the chemical weapons.

Source: Washington Post


*The Cards beat the Brewers 5-3, they play them again today at 12:15pm

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