News You Need: Winter Still Effects Areas In The U.S.


*Cloudy today the high is 49, it will be sunny and 70 on Wednesday


An animal rescuers Jeep was stolen while she was trying to rescue a dog.  Her car is a 2016 grey Jeep Patriot, she just bought it so it had temporary plates on it, unfortunately the car had a cat in it that just got spade. She hopes the person who stole the car can drop the cat off at a safe place.


*Clayton High School will be closed today due to a threat on Snapchat that said "do not come to school today."  The Snapchat was posted by a current student.  District officials said they became aware of the threat shortly after 2 a.m. Monday. Since little information is known about the threat, the district decided to close the school for the day to be safe.



Report: North Korea Is Ready To Talk About Nukes - 

North Korea is considering the possibility of denuclearization.

According to U.S. officials, leader Kim Jong-Un said he would bring that option to the table when he meets with President Trump. Talks between the two countries have been held secret contacts recently to prepare for the meeting of the leaders.

Last month, President Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Un, but an exact time and place hasn't been confirmed. North Korea has continued to be silent about the possible breakthrough summit.

Source: Reuters

More Would Take Pill, Drink Tea Rather Than Exercise To Combat High Blood Pressure - 

More people would rather take a pill rather than exercise to fight high blood pressure.  The American Heart Association did a survey about high blood pressure & found if there was one available 79% of people would take a pill for an extra month of health & 90% would take one for an extra year of health.   The study says is shows that humans are not fans of doing things to make you healthy, they'd rather just take a pill. 

Source: Science Daily


*The Avalanche beat the Blues 5-2

*Cards lost to the Diamondbacks 4-1

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