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*Cloudy today and dry weather this morning, the high today is 48.  There could be light rain or sleet this afternoon but forecasters are saying it could push south and not be heavy here or miss us completely. 



Twitter Says They've Suspended 1.2M Accounts For Promoting Terrorism - 

One social media giant is trying to tame down the terrorism talk. 

Twitter has responded to calls for policing its site by carrying out a campaign to suspend accounts that promote terrorism. Between 2015 and last year, the micro-blogging site has taken down 1.21 million accounts.

The company’s transparency report noted that over 274 thousand were removed in the last half of 2017, which means there was a slowdown in terrorism talk on Twitter to the tune of 8.4-percent less.

They’re getting a handle on it, as 74-percent of the latest batch were reoved before they sent out on tweet.

Source: Los Angeles Times 

Facebook’s Sandberg: Our Service Depends On Your Data - 

Facebook’s chief operating officer did the company no favor with one sentence during a “Today” interview yesterday.  Sheryl Sandberg said that users’ data was the lifeblood of their company and if they wanted to opt out of all data driven advertising, they would have to pay for it. After years of spam emails about the topic, that caused a ripple.  Following the statement, Facebook clarified that there is not and will not be a pay model and that Sandberg was talking hypothetically.

During the same interview, that continues this morning, Sandberg again stressed that the company mishandled the breach and was working to fix the damage done to the public trust.

Source: NBC News

Explosive Devices Detonated In SoCal Sam’s Club - 

A Southern California Sam’s Club remained closed last night after two explosive devices were detonated inside.  Luckily, no one was injured and there was no major damage to the building. Police were in a brief pursuit with Hugo Gonzalez after he was seen leaving the store. He pulled over and a search of the car turned up additional materials similar to those used in the explosives.

Gonzalez was taken in for questioning and investigators have no motive. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles

The Pineapple Express Hits The West Coast As The East Coast Gets Cold -

 Talk about going from one extreme to another! It’s getting super warm in one part of the country while another freezes.

The Pineapple Express is on its way to the West Coast. The atmospheric river of Pacific moisture is expected to bring heavy rain to the coast this weekend, with the threat of flooding and record warm temperatures. Forecasters say flooding is a concern in parts of northern California, and mudslides are possible in areas burned by recent wildfires.

While the West Coast expects record warm temperatures this weekend, other parts of the country could get record cold. A late season arctic outbreak could drop temperatures this weekend from Montana to Wisconsin and as far south as Oklahoma. The National Weather Service says high temperatures in the northern and central Plains will be nearly 30-degrees below normal today. Forecasters are also warning of below-zero wind chills and a lot more snow.

A two-day snowstorm will snarl traffic from Montana to Massachusetts starting today. On Saturday, heavy snow is likely from West Virginia to New England. Airline delays and flight cancellations are expected from Cincinnati to Boston. Another snowstorm is expected to plow into the Upper Midwest and northern Plains on Sunday.

Source: WFAA


*The Cards lost in Opening Day 3-1, they are off today and they play the Diamondbacks on Saturday and it's "Mystery Hall of Fame Opening Day Car Parade Bobble Head" day

*In Blues News:  The final playoff spot in the Western Conference is still up for grabs either the Blues or the Colorado will get it.  The last 2 official games on the Blues schedule the Blackhawks tonight and Colorado on Saturday

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