News You Need: Trump says Amazon doesn't pay taxes


*Mostly cloudy then sunshine this afternoon high 54


All of this rain is causing pothole problems in the STL, MODOT closed 2 eastbound lanes of Interstate 64 last night because of emergency road repairs. Only one lane of Hwy 40 in Midtown will be open until about noon on Friday.


*Do you have your Mega Millions ticket? 

The grand prize for tonight's (Friday) drawing is up to $502 million. It's just the fourth time in the game's history it has eclipsed a half-billion, and the 10th-largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. Powerball gave away nearly $1.6 billion in 2016.  Remarkably, the last Mega Millions winner walked away with a $451 million prize in January. 

Source: Reuters

*Fireworks are usually reserved for the Fourth of July, but you could see a light show in the sky on Easter Sunday.   Scientists say the abandoned Chinese space station Tiangong-1 will likely fall into the atmosphere on Sunday and largely incinerate.  The risk of the space station hitting you is almost nil. 90 percent of it will burn up as it descends through the atmosphere, and the odds of being in the way of something smaller than a car falling somewhere in an area covering millions of square miles are miniscule. 

Fun fact: the space chunks could contain a highly toxic chemical, so no touching!


Sessions: No Special Counsel For FBI Misconduct

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says there's no need to appoint a second special counsel to investigate accusations of FBI misconduct.

Sessions revealed to members of Congress that he's had Utah's top federal prosecutor John Huber on the case. He's looking into accusations that the FBI misused its powers in surveilling a former Trump campaign adviser during the 2016 election. The heart of the matter is the warrant from the FISA court.

Huber's also investigating whether the FBI should've done a more thorough investigation into Hillary Clinton's ties to a Russian nuclear energy company. 

Source: NBC News

Serial Stowaway Unfit For Trial 

The woman known as the "serial stowaway" is unfit to stand trial.

In Cook County, Illinois court yesterday, a judge ordered 66-year-old Marilyn Hartman to a state mental health facility. The plane hopper has shown signs of delusion and paranoia. It’s hoped treatment will make her able to testify next year.

Hartman has been in jail since January following her arrest for trespassing and theft at O'Hare International Airport. She was able to get past TSA security without a boarding pass and an ID and board a plane to London. Hartman has been arrested several times over the past few years elsewhere in the U.S.

Source: Chicago Tribune


*Right now the Blues hold the top spot in the wild-card race

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