• Queen Elizabeth II has officially granted Prince Harry permission to marry Meghan Markle.
  • She wrote the official letter to the Privy Council.
  • Reportedly, the first six royals in line for the throne must get the Queen's approval before marriage otherwise they can kiss the crown goodbye.


Here’s Your First Peek At The “Jersey Shore Family Reunion” - 

MTV is giving us a first look at a highly anticipated reunion.

Nine years ago, the “Jersey Shore” was the pop culture topic. Now we have a first look at the cast’s reunion; kids, spouses, age and all. The original cast, including Snookie, The Situation, Pauly D and JWOWWare all in. Even Deena.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says “we’re older, but I don’t think many of us are wiser.” Fair enough! And the reason for the get together may prove it. They are throwing a little send off party for The Situation as he gets ready to head to prison for tax fraud.

The original “Jersey Shore” ran for six seasons, wrapping up in 2012. “Jersey Shore Family Reunion” premieres April 5.


United flew that dog back that they accidentally flew to Japan, they flew him back on the corporate jet.  Irgo is 10 years old and needed ear drops for his ear infection


A new science fiction film starring former Glee actor Matthew Morrison is facing accusations of animal abuse after a disturbing video was leaked showing a caged dog being hurled into a river.

According to PETA, the video was leaked by someone on the set of Crazy Alien, which is being shot in China. It shows a German shepherd inside a cage and lifted in the air by a crane. It's then hurled into the river and completely submerged in the water for a few seconds before being pulled out. The alleged scene, which was shot multiple times, was filmed back in November and the person who leaked the video called it "one of the worst animal cruelty acts I have ever seen." 

Morrison has not yet commented. PETA is urging people to boycott the film and asking for the cast to donate their salaries to animal protection groups. They're also requesting that the film's director not be allowed to work with animals again. (People

Talk About It:

  • The video is disturbing to watch.
  • Directors should know better.
  • The whistleblower says the dog was dazed but otherwise unhurt.


*Anderson Cooper split from his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, they were together 9 years but they are still friends.  Word is this happened a while ago because Anderson has been spotted with this super cute doctor in Dallas Victor Lopez.



*Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller is getting out of jaily May, she was supposed to be in until June 21st, she was sentenced to a year after being convicted of  indicted in 2015 for bankruptcy fraud and concealment of bankruptcy assets.

"Sometimes in life you make mistakes," she wrote at the time. "I trusted the wrong people and didn't pay any attention to things I should of. I'm more than sorry for the mistakes I have made. My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison. I did so with grace."



Alexandra Daddario, actress (32)

Brooke Burns, actress (40)

Lauren Graham, actress (51)

Flavor Flav, rapper/reality star (59)

Isabelle Huppert, actress (65)

Erik Estrada, actor (69)

Chuck Woolery, game show host (77)

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