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*Clouds and sun today the high is 45


Protests and counter-protests are happening outside John Burroughs School in Ladue this morning. Members of Westboro Baptist Church are picketing in protest of a student-athlete who came out as gay last fall..... & FYI to football player Jake Bain JULIE TRISTAN LOVES YOU AND FULLY SUPPORTS YOU!!!!


*For the third time this month, a powerful nor'easter is expected to slam the mid-Atlantic states and New England.

Strong winds and blizzard conditions are expected tomorrow in areas that are still trying to restore power and clean up from last week's nor'easter. The new system is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in New England and as much as two feet in parts of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Wind gusts could reach 60 mph and more power outages and downed trees are expected. 

Weather Channel

*Five people were killed Sunday when a chartered helicopter crashed into New York's East River.

Miraculously, the pilot survived and was pulled out of the icy water after calling for help following the aborted 11-minute flight.

Video of the deadly crash turned up on social media even before the deaths of the five passengers were confirmed. The video shows the helicopter falling from the sky before it hits the water, bounces and then turns over.

New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro confirmed, "There were six people on the helicopter. The pilot freed himself. The other five did not. The police, fire drivers entered the water and removed the other five." 

New York Daily News

Elizabeth Warren Not Running For President - 

Progressives are going to have to find another star to put up against Donald Trump. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren confirmed that she isn't running for President in 2020. The Democratic Senator revealed her intentions on CNN's "State of the Union." Warren said she made a promise to Native American tribal leaders that every time the President wants to try to throw out some kind of racial slur and attack her, she's going to use it as a chance to lift up their stories.

 Source: CNN’s “State of the Union”

Southwest Flight Makes An Emergency Landing 

A Dallas-bound flight from Phoenix, Arizona had to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque after smoke filled the cabin.  The pilot of Southwest Flight 3562 landed the plane safely.  Authorities are investigating the cause of the smoke, but believe it may have been an electrical fire. Passengers later boarded another plane and took-off for Dallas.

Source: KRQE

Beware Of Tax Scams During Tax Season It's tax season, which also means it's the season of tax scams.

Phone lines across the country were inundated by robocalls last month with a national record of nearly three-billion calls. There has been a spike in reports of IRS robocall scams. These scammers try to trick consumers into thinking there is a problem with their taxes as a way to steal financial information. Experts advise never to respond to any calls claiming to be from the IRS, as you'll receive a letter with any tax information. Also, never give your personal information over the phone to anyone you don't know.

On a related note…the FTC is continuing to crack down on student loan re-payment scams. Many Americans have student loans and many have trouble re-paying them each month. While some companies claim to offer services to help you pay your loans down quicker and cheaper, be cautious…it could be a scam. Some tips to avoid, are the scams include never paying an up-front fee and only scammers promise that they can quickly rid you of your loans. The FTC also advises you not to share your federal student aid ID with anyone and just because someone has an official looking seal doesn't mean it's legit.Source: KWQC


*For the first time since 2013, the Missouri Tigers will be a part of "March Madness." Missouri was announced the No. 8 seed and will take on Florida State in their first tournament game in Nashville Friday.


*The Blues beat the L.A. Kings 7-2, they play again tonight

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