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*Cloudy today high near 50


*RIP Officer Larry Goessling, he did the DARE program at Pattonville High School, I kept in touch with him via Facebook and he was also so kind and supportive.  He passed away, sending prayers to his friends and family and you will be missed, what a great guy :)


How Airlines Put You Into Boarding Zones - 

If you’re wondering how you get put into that boarding zone when you fly… it’s complicated.

Zones are decided by complex mixes of what “club” you are in, how many miles you’ve flown, if you’ve spent a bunch of money with the airlines…and the list goes on. United puts people in 19 different categories just to figure it out!

But wait…. American Airlines has 22 categories and then there’s Delta. They have a staggering 27 categories that go into the formula of how we are zone boarded.

So, next time you hop on a plane, just enjoy the trip and forget the math that goes into it. 

Source: Business Insider

Labor Report To Show Low Unemployment - 

The latest jobs report from the Labor Department is expected to show the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years.

The report to be released today is expected to show an unemployment rate of only four-percent, but slower wage gains. A Reuters survey of top economists predicts that payrolls increased by 200-thousand jobs in February, higher than the monthly average of last year.

Average hourly wage gains are expected to have dipped after three strong months. Economists also expect the Labor report to bolster expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise its interest rate forecasts this year.

Source: Reuters

SOUTH KOREA: Officials Say Kim Jong Un Wants to Meet With Trump

Officials from South Korea told Donald Trump's national security team on Thursday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to meet with Trump to negotiate a freeze of its nuclear weapons programs and Trump said he's up for it.

However, U.S. officials cautioned that the talks are just tentative.

The delegation from South Korea had meetings with Kim this week and delivered his invitation to the White House.

Before the news broke, Trump teased that a "major announcement" would be made at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday.

The South Korean delegation met for several hours with Trump's national security advisor H.R. McMaster, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan. 

Source: Los Angeles Times


*The Sharks beat the Blues 0-2

*Mizzou lost in the SEC Tournament to Georgia 62-60

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